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Review of Dead Man’s Hand by George R R Martin and John J Miller

This is book seven in the Wild Cards series; books five, six and seven form a kind of internal trilogy, and as it’s been well over a year since I read the previous two, I wasn’t entirely up to speed with the back story. Even more confusingly, the events of this book are concurrent with the story in book six. It wasn’t until some way through Dead Man’s Hand that I fully realised this.

The book is just as fast-moving and readable as its predecessors, and (being written by only two authors) has only two viewpoint characters, Jay Ackroyd, a projecting teleport, and Daniel Brennan, who has no mutations or superpowers and is something of a Batman character. The rapid bouncing back and forth between these two makes the book even more fast-paced than usual. However, it also suffers a bit from the fact that many of the characters are off attending to the plot of volume six.

I didn’t quite get part of the ending where the bad guy is disposed of; it’s not really explained what happens to him – or if it is, I didn’t understand it. I assume that means he/she/it’ll crop up again in future. Dead Man’s Hand wasn’t a prime example of the Wild Cards series, but it was a quick enjoyable read.

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