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Damn and/or blast

Yesterday I went to Manchester to buy a flight case for my guitar. I’d had a little look on the internet and found that Dawson’s had Gator Stratocaster-specific cases for £50; most cases seemed to be around £50-£65 – or more expensive.

I located the store without too much trouble, but instead of going in I went and had some lunch, did some writing. I wasn’t keen on lugging the case around with me all afternoon – maybe I should have done.

Later on, I went back to Dawson’s bought the case, along with a new strap, and headed home. Walking back from the station in Whaley Bridge, a friend of my sister’s passed by and stopped to give me a lift. I lifted the case over the front seats of his Landrover and into the back, letting it drop a few inches, maybe a foot, to the floor.

Back in my room, I took the case out of its plastic bag for the first time and discovered a large crack on the corner of one face.


The really annoying thing was not knowing whether it was damaged when I bought it (obviously, I hadn’t checked it over in the shop) or when I dumped it into the back of the Landrover. If the latter, apart from being my own stupid fault, it wouldn’t say much for the durability of the case. If the former, then it was my own stupid fault for not checking it at Dawson’s.

I’ve just taken it back and got a replacement (this one definitely isn’t damaged). The guy who sold the first one to me wasn’t around, which saved a bit of awkwardness (for one or both of us). The guy who gave me the replacement was quite friendly, apologised, let me check the new one before I could ask to do so, commented that the other one must have received a fair whack. No problems – apart from the £6.60 it cost me to travel in to Manchester again.

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  1. 11 March 2008 at 3:57 am

    The new case is mostly fine – the only problem now being that the ribbon at the left hand side that is supposed to keep the lid at about 90 degrees when the case is open isn’t attached very well, so the lid opens all the way to 180 degrees. Hardly a major issue.

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