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‘I am not a crook’

On Wednesday I had e-mails from both contacts looking for teaching jobs for me. Over a month ago I’d told them both that my criminal background check would arrive by mid-April. On Wednesday, it hadn’t. And I had the feeling that it wouldn’t be here within the police’s deadline for processing it; in fact, I suspected I’d ring up on Monday to find out when I could expect it and learn that it may well take a lot longer.

Well, today it arrived – just within the deadline.

So now I’m waiting to hear from the solicitor’s that filled in the on-line form for and didn’t hear from. If you see what I mean. I rang them today, and they wanted me to let them see the document for notarisation first; I’ve e-mailed a photo, and am now waiting for them to call. The notarisation will cost £80 – which seems pretty pricey, but I suppose that’s the legal profession for you.

Yesterday, the Korean fiancée of the American guy I know over there sent me details of a job teaching primary children from 12:30 to 6pm for 2.3 million won. Although that seems like really good hours (not much ‘seems’ about it, in fact), I turned it down on the basis that it was in Gimpo, another Seoul satellite city, and one of the main things I want from my job is that it should be in Seoul rather than nearby. I’m also not too keen on teaching elementary school students – at least not exclusively.

I had a couple of potential jobs from my other contact, the Canadian agency, which I turned down because they were also not in Seoul proper. And also because I didn’t have the police check – can’t use that excuse anymore.

I probably ought get in touch with other agencies and see if I can find more (or indeed, any) opportunities in Seoul. I have a feeling I’m going to be compromising on something when I decide on a job. But then, my feelings have proved to be erroneous in the recent past.

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