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Notable notes on notifying a notorious notary

The solicitor’s office in the nearby village got back to me this morning to say that they hadn’t been able to contact by phone the person who signed my letter of no criminal recordness (one Malcolm Hubbard – as opposed to multiple Malcolm Hubbards). Instead they proposed faxing them – and this would boost the cost of notarisation to £150.


When the rather grumpy secretary asked if this was OK, I said I’d call back later.

I’ve contacted a couple of notaries public in Manchester and now have an appointment for tomorrow morning with Aaron and Partners. While I hate using the phone to make enquiries and arrangements, the process was much more auspicious: people were a lot friendlier and I spoke to the notaries themselves; best of all, there was no talk of checking the validity of my letter first (which, frankly, seemed a rather suspicious requirement from the local notary).

Cost-wise, it’ll break down like this: £60 (I’m pretty sure it was £60 – the person I spoke to first at A&P said £60-80) for the notarisation, £27 for the apostille (which I’d have to pay for anyway) and £18.50 for an agent to get the apostille for me (making it cheaper and about as fast as getting it myself later this week). Total cost: £105.50. Probably. Certainly a lot better than £150 for just the notarisation.

I then called the grumpy woman to let her know their services wouldn’t be needed after all.

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