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To understand ‘cicatrise’ it would help to know what a ‘cicatrix’ is.

cic·a·trix /ˈsɪkətrɪks, sɪˈkeɪtrɪks/
noun, plural cic·a·tri·ces /ˌsɪkəˈtraɪsiz/
1. Physiology. new tissue that forms over a wound and later contracts into a scar.
2. Botany. a scar left by a fallen leaf, seed, etc.

Also, cic·a·trice /ˈsɪkətrɪs/

[Origin: 1350-1400; ME < L: scar]

Related forms
cic·a·tri·cial /ˌsɪkəˈtrɪʃəl/, adjective
ci·cat·ri·cose /sɪˈkætrɪˌkoʊs, ˈsɪkə-/, adjective

Source: Dictionary.com.

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