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Some kind of monster

The tone of the last few weeks of my life has been in large part determined by my sister’s boyfriend’s attitude of self-righteous aggression towards me. After he posted his comments on my last entry about what I was doing I e-mailed him with a message that was intended to be somewhat diplomatic, but also maintaining my right to have opinions – which just happened to unfavourable in his direction. I talked about not being in a position to judge him, with the subtle implication that he’s in no position to judge me.

His response began by saying that he’d keep it short, then went on span a page of accusations against and abuse of me, finishing with implicit threats of violence (including the risible, redundant cliché that they were promises and not threats) should I write anything more about him or my sister online.

From that it seemed clear that short of ceasing to exist in his world, there was nothing I could do that would make him happy. He seems to operate under the brutal working-class ethic that any offence, real or imagined against his girlfriend has to be met with uncompromising belligerence. He accused me of having no respect for my sister, but wasn’t interested in her unhappiness (as far as I can tell) at his attitude or her right to run her own household as she sees fit.

Before I received his e-mail, my sister asked me to not post anything about them while I was still in the country, and, frankly, I’ve felt uncomfortable posting anything at all knowing that he’s out there somewhere, casting his judgmental eye over everything I put on my blog. So I’ve decided to copy everything across to a new secret location, and, when I let my sister know about it, ask her to keep the address to herself.

Everything that’s been going on recently is an expression of ego. Running away and hiding (so to speak) may not be the most curageous decision, but as Zaphod Beeblebrox decided in one of the latter Hitchhiker’s books, just as discretion is the better part of valour, cowardice is the better part of discretion, and it’s a decision that better serves my the nature of my blog.

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