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Hot and cold

During my previous year in Korea I had about half a dozen colds – which is at least twice as many as I usually have in 12 months. And now I’ve got my first of what I’m sure will be many colds this time around. It’s come on fairly quickly – the night before last I had that slit-throat feeling whilst in bed; yesterday wasn’t too bad, but today I’m sore and snotty and Barry White-voiced.

I spoke to my hagwon’s president, Sharon, on Wednesday asking about if I could get an advance on my salary, when I would get a bank account and when I’d have the medical test. I think the answer to the first two points was 1 July … which is a few days after payday. Right. And as for the latter query, she didn’t know. But as long as I get it done within 30 days (or maybe 90 – the answer was vague) it’ll be OK.

I currently have about 35,000 won – about £17 – and I’m at Lotte Mart to do some shopping.

Coda: Rich and poor

Friday wasn’t the most pleasurable day. By the end of the day I was tired out by my cold and my teaching duties. The one positive note was that I got a form from Sunny Teacher to open a bank account. Hopefully, this’ll be processed in the coming week and I’ll get paid along with everyone else. Payday is the 28th, but I don’t expect any money to reach my account until several days later; at least, that’s how it was my previous hagwon.

I went to Peter’s yesterday for the first session of the Burning Wheel game – just the two of us. My health took some of the edge off the proceedings – I was blowing my nose every few minutes. The game has interesting takes on combat and negotiations – you have to plan what you’re going to do and say in sets of three actions and hope that your plans successfully counter what your opponent has planned.

On my way home Peter very kindly lent me some money so I won’t have to subsist on ramyeon and water for the next week.

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