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Depressive Monday

Yesterday Bo told me that he and his wife had watched the final of Euro 2008 live in the early hours of the morning. Which left me with no easy place to watch the game. I could have tried a bar, but I certainly wasn’t up for that. And right now I have no idea who won (but I expect it was Germany).

I had a message from Paul suggesting we meet today, to which I replied in the affirmative. Then I had to send him a negative because apparently someone was coming to my apartment to see to things. But then it looks like that actually happened last night.

The Korean chap from the school who’s ferried me back and forth a few times between one place of accommodation and another took me back to my apartment last night and opened up the nearby (I mean a few doors away) flat of our head foreign teacher, Jon (who has apparently now moved to his married quarters). I showed the Korean bloke my non-working gas burners; he moved a small switch above the knobs which seems to control the gas flow (in addition to the knobs themselves; of course: I need two controls for the same thing – why didn’t I think of that?). One of the burners works now; the other one is still fucked.

The head Korean teacher, and Jon’s nearly-wife, called the Korean guy and spoke to me. She wanted to know if I wanted to move (again) to Jon’s place or just move some things from Jon’s to mine. The broken heating control pisses me off but, at least I have alternative means to boil water. I tried to tell her about the heating control, but she didn’t understand and kept going on about the air conditioner. I persevered and she got a bit short with me. Finally I handed the phone back to the Korean man and he explained. When I received the phone once more she said it was the building owner’s responsibility to fix it. Relieved that she at least understood now what the problem was, I said I’d stay in this apartment.

The Korean and I moved a load of stuff from Jon’s erstwhile place to my current place: TV, toaster, sofa, armchair, small table and two chairs. He also encouraged me to take the leftovers from Jon’s fridge and cupboards.

Some time today apparently someone is to provide an internet connection – and probably cable TV at the same time. I’m sitting in my flat writing this and I have no idea if I’m supposed to wait in until 3pm or if I’ll be asked for my key whilst at work – or if it’ll happen after work.

It seems like life at the moment is one frustration after another. Already I hate Korea all over again.

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