Le weekend

Saturday saw me head over to Peter’s for roleplaying. I’d read most of the photocopied pages he’d given me a few weeks ago, and had filled in most of the rest of my character sheet. With one week’s experience of playing The Burning Wheel under my belt, I was a little more prepared for the game. It went reasonably well, although my character was party (albeit ignorantly) to the sacrifice of a young girl. He wasn’t too happy about that – but it turned out well in the end. The resurrected girl and my character have now been acclaimed as gods by a tribe of hmans living in an ancient elven city.

My box of books was waiting for me at Peter’s house. It appears that my box had taken so long to arrive because it had been mistakenly sent to Japan. I lent Peter a couple of volumes. Now I wonder whether I’ll have time in one year to read all these books. At least I’ll have a choice of reading.

I’d been told that someone was coming to my apartment to do something about the air conditioning (or lack thereof). I was hoping they’d coming on Saturday morning, but they didn’t. I wasn’t prepared to wait in all day – so I didn’t. When I got back from Peter’s there was a note on my door handle from Jon Teacher saying the person would be there between 6 and 7pm. It was already 6:05 so I went in to wait, reading White Teeth. When 7pm came around I had a nap, and at going on for 8pm I left to do some shopping.

As I came out of the lift at 9pm or so, my shopping in hand, there was a man outside my door with an AC unit and various tubes on a trolley. He gave a comical look of surprise when he realised I was going to the door he’d been knocking on. It took over an hour to fit the thing, but at least then I had some cool air coming into my flat. I discovered the following morning that the heating control for the under-floor heating and the hot water, which is located under the AC unit and has wires going through the wall into the cupboard the man was working in much of the time – the heating control didn’t work.

Back on Staurday, I half agreed with Peter to go and see Get Smart on Sunday. Probably not so clever an idea, as I was also hoping to see Paul and was planning to go to a writers’ group near City Hall. On Sunday I got a message from Paul saying he couldn’t meet me. I e-mailed Peter suggesting meeting at six o’clock or so.

I went to the writers’ group (which was scheduled for 4pm) and found one American bloke waiting outside the coffee shop that was the intended meeting place. It was closed. We chatted and waited for others to turn up. We were joined by a Mexican-American guy. At the last meeting the place had alos been closed and they had met at a nearby Starbucks – although it turned out to be quite noisy. I suggested another Starbucks slightly further away. So we left a note on the door and head off that way. Only to discover yet another Starbucks just around the corner – where we decided to settle.

The young Mexican-American, Jorge (or ‘George’) showed us the beginning of a short story, which was pretty good. At nearly 5:30, the other chap, the group’s new leader, John, took out a poem for us to critique. With some chagrin, I said I had to leave to meet a friend.

When I got back to Nowon, somewhat late, there was no sign of Peter. When I finally tracked down a PC room I found that he hadn’t been able to make it. D’ooooh. Almost as a consolation prize, I went to see Wanted, which was terrific. Every film these days seems to have an example of what I think of as ‘circular phrasing’ (which I modelled on ‘parallel phrasing’), where one character says something near the beginning, and then either the same character or another one says the same thing towards the end, but in a completely different context. This movie had a couple of good examples of this (‘I’m sorry’).

This week I’ll be watching the final of Euro 2008 with Bo and So-yeong tonight; on Wednesday, I have to be at the hagwon at 8:20am to go for my medical test; I may meet Paul for lunch at some point; and I may go and see Get Smart with Peter at another point (although the only showing at Lotte last night appeared to be at quarter past midnight (’24:15′), which might be a bit late for him). I also need to start work in earnest on a new short story I’ve had an idea for – so I have something to show at the next writers’ group in either two weeks or a month.

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