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cen·trip·e·tal /sɛnˈtrɪpɪtl/
1. directed toward the center (opposed to centrifugal).
2. operating by centripetal force.
3. Physiology. afferent.

[Origin: 1700-10; < NL centripet(us) center-seeking (centri– centri- + –petus, deriv. of L petere to seek) + -al]

-Related forms
cen·trip·e·tal·ism, noun
cen·trip·e·tal·ly, adverb

Source: Dictionary.com.

But on the evening of the eighth day – as had to happen sooner or later – this simple, centripetal life is blown to bits.

Source: Kafka on the Shore, by Haruki Murakami.

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