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Review of Turn of the Cards by Victor Milán

Turn of the CardsHaving now read Turn of the Cards I have only one more volume of the Wild Cards series that I actually own left to read – and that book, Card Sharks, is the first in a ‘new cycle’. I still have several more left to buy; and that might happen fairly soon, as it looks like I’m going to be paid in full in the next few days.

Turn of the Cards follows Mark Meadows as he returns to Earth from his trials on Takis (see Double Solitaire). Although he’s wanted on drugs charges (he uses drugs to transform himself into one of several alter egos), the American Government, in the form of the DEA, is unreasonably obsessed with hunting him down. Two DEA agents, a seconded ace, and a mysterious freelancer track him across the Eurasian landmass starting in Amsterdam and leading finally to Vietnam.

The opening part of the book is pretty decent, with a number of near misses between Mark and his ‘friends’, and the people on his tail. The middle section appears to be the author’s attempt to recreate the Vietnam war genre. It’s also fairly tedious, dealing with the training of a ‘New Joker Brigade’ by the Vietnamese army. The conclusion picks up a bit, with a big fight between the various factions and Mark discovering, quite by accident (or possibly by someone else’s design) a brand new alter ego.

Another not-terribly-special installment of the Wild Cards series, but an OK read, spiced up a little by Victor Milán’s use of obscure words.

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