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car·a·cole /ˈkærəˌkoʊl/ noun, verb, –coled, –col·ing.
1. a half turn executed by a horse and rider.
2. Rare. a winding staircase.
verb (used without object)
3. to execute caracoles; wheel.

[Origin: 1650-60; < F < Sp caracol snail, spiral shell or stair, turning movement (of a horse)]

Related forms
car·a·col·er, noun

Source: Dictionary.com.

Mark put his head down to avoid eye contact and practicing his broken-field running, trying to dodge West Africa blacks doing the Leidspelein caracole on those funky bikes with the handlebars turned upside-down, like steer horns.

Source: Turn of the Cards, Victor Milán.

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