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Telling Storyteller’s story

Peter’s return to the States has left a gaping, roleplaying-shaped hole in my life. He wanted to continue his game via e-mail, but that doesn’t seem to have panned out – I haven’t heard anything from him in a while (I haven’t tried too hard to stay in touch, either, sadly).

Last Sunday I did what I should have done long before and looked on the internet for more roleplaying action, and found Section 8 Games. They’re a group of oeguks meeting in a gaming shop near Children’s Grand Park to play various games. I’m now signed up to join in a game running every other Sunday; it’s based on D&D 3.5 (with some modifications – the basic alignments available are tribal and outcast; instead of money you use honour points) and uses a stone age-style setting. This latter fact means that a lot of the traditional D&D elements are unavailable – no wizards, no clerics, no literacy, the highest Int score for non-arcane spellcasters is 10, no metal weapons and armour, und so weiter.

My character (who I’m still working on) is called Storyteller – a savage bard. That’s not a comment on his personality – it’s a non-civilised variant of the bard class. My first D&D character was a bard (back in the mists of 2002 or 3), and I’ve always wanted to try it again. He’s middle-aged to old and, since he was cast out of his village (losing the right to a personal name in the process), has made a living travelling from place to place entertaining (and intimidating) with his stories. As a tribal outcast he’s feared and despised. His main skill, of course, would be his storytelling, but he also plays a bone flute.

I should write out a more detailed history for him tonight and work out his skills and feats. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

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