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New gaming, new strangers

I went off to Children’s Grand Park bright and early on Sunday afternoon to join this roleplay group, Section 8. I knew the appropriate exit from the subway station was number three, but there was no sign of the gaming shop. I walked up one road, then up another road, but still no sign. Finally, I tried calling the guy running the game, Adam, on the number he’d provided. I got a Korean woman who spoke English, but she told me I had the wrong number. I tried again, thinking she maybe hadn’t understood me, saying Adam’s name loudly and clearly. But no, there was no ‘Ah-dam’ there.

So I went into a PC room to log on to the groups, um, group on Yahoo.ca. I posted a message asking for help, then searched for another instance of Adam’s number. I found it, and (like Eric Morcambe said to Andre Previn) the number I’d rung contained all the right digits, just not necessarily in the right order. He’d managed to transpose the middle four and the last four numbers. I posted a ‘never mind’ message, then gave him a call.

Having got directions to the venue (a bit of a walk from the subway station) I headed off. And outside, smoking, was Max, a young Korean American guy I’d met at the Itaewon Book Exchange a month or two before. Inside, I met Adam, who was wearing a bright yellow wizard’s hat – part of the previous night’s Hallowe’en costume.

My character sheet was some way from being completed so I tried to work on that as Max and two other players arrived. I held up the start of the game somewhat.

My route into the story was that as a wandering bard, I’d spent the last year with the Walrus Clan at the other end of the planet from my homeland. The other characters had arrived on this ice-bound island by magical means. Both them and my Walrus Clan companions had just killed a giant, bus-sized walrus. The party were uncouth barbarians, while the Walrus people were deeply suspicious of these strangers. With my great Diplomacy bonus I was able to smooth the waters between them. The game climaxed with a game of ultra-brutal Stone Age ice hockey. I declined to play and instead acted as a commentator.

I’d only had a couple of hours sleep the previous night, so I might have been even less locquacious than usual, but the game seemed to go well. The other characters are all monosyllabic Bear Clan men – including two barbarians, and one druid, possibly (or maybe they’re all barbarians). My character originally comes from the nearby Stag Clan and is a little more sophisticated. I’m not that comfortable doing the character acting side of roleplaying, so my input was markedly different from the other players’.

Unfortunately, the game is only scheduled for once a fortnight and at the moment I’m not sure if there’s anything up for the coming Sunday.

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