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Pleasure and pain on a Thursday

I was up quite early on Thursday, the day of my date with Sukyung. First stop: Eulji Medical Center for liquid nitrogen applied to the foot.

The blisters from my previous treatment had long since stopped being painful and were healing well, although many of the warts were still intact. Once on the small Skin Clinic ward a nurse put some gauze on my toe then squirted water on to it and left it to soak. After a few minutes the same small, attractive doctor came round and attacked the dead skin with a blade. Then she concluded, as I’d already done, that I need another round of treatment.

I went back to the payment station outside the clinic and paid. After a short wait the doctor once again pressed liquid nitrogen-impregnated cotton wool buds into my warts. As I’d expected, it was a little more painful than last time, but only very slightly. I went away trying not to limp – that just makes my foot and leg sore in extra places.

And off I went to Lotte Avenuel Cinema near Euljiro Ipgu station (from Eulji to Euljiro) to buy two tickets for Quantum of Solace. Sukyung had asked earlier if it was OK if she brought a friend. Of course, I said that was ‘goaenchanhayo’ (‘fine’). Then she told me her friend was unwell – had lost her voice, in fact – so I should just buy two tickets. Which I did.

On my way back to Eunhaeng Sagori I received a phone call from someone who is organising a trip to Jeju Island at the end of the month. I’d expressed an interest, but hadn’t actually signed up; partly because of laziness, partly because she’d stated on the Facebook page ‘Gallivanting to Jeju’ that if she didn’t get 30 people signed up she’d have to cancel the event – and as the deadline passed there were only 20 or so. Anyway, she called me to say that if I could transfer funds to her in the next couple of hours I’d be in – albeit on a slightly earlier flight than everyone else.

So instead of spending an hour in Starbucks, I went to the KEB branch near Nowon Station (Eunhaeng Sagori means ‘Bank Junction’ and of the several banks in the area, not one is a KEB; and my stupid hagwon refuses to pay salaries into accounts with any other bank). Using the transfer function was a lot easier than I’d feared – the machines have an option for English. Once I’d made the transfer I decided to update my passbook. I thought the machine could automatically turn to the right page, so I ended up with my recent transactions printed over the information on the first page. D’oh.

With that done there was just about time to get a drink and croque monsieur from Starbucks to take into work. At the end of the working day I probably dawdled a bit too much. When Sukyung called me at eight o’clock I was at Dongdaemun Station waiting for a transfer. But I was pretty close. When I got to the box office there was no sign of her; I called her and she told me she had gone of exploring. While I was waiting, I headed to the toilets to apply some body spray. Walking out of washroom, I got a call from Sukyung asking me where I was. D’oh.

We didn’t have much time for anything but heading straight into the flick. As I usually do, I enjoyed the movie. It probably wasn’t as good as Casino Royale because the novelty of the new style and direction – well, is no longer new. The digital picture was crystal clear, although I thought the screen seemed too small for the auditorium. The fight and action scenes were pretty brutal and interesting; the part where Bond and a bad guy fall through a glass ceiling and the camera follows right behind was pretty memorable – but then it was in the trailer. Not sure how much I liked the female protagonist – she was too tanned and sulky. The really interesting thing about the film is that it is undeniably the second episode in an ongoing story. The man Bond captures at the beginning of the film (which is previewed at the very end of Casino Royale) escapes and his organisation remains a mystery to be solved in a future 007 installment.

The film ended and we left. I was conscious that we didn’t have a huge amount of time left for actual socialising (as opposed to silent proximity), but we ended up at a bibimbap restaurant where I had bibimbap and Sukyung had prawn dumplings (which I helped her finish off). Anyway, we talked for a while, although it didn’t quite feel as comfortable as the previous couple of times I’d seen her. Still a pleasant evening, though.

I don’t know if there’s anything else on the horizon for us – she’s been at a conference today, and I’m expecting to roleplay tomorrow. Maybe next weekend.

Finally, while my foot was quite painful for most of Thursday, on Friday the pain had subsided and there were no fresh blisters to speak of. I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

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