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Thoroughly unusual Thursday

Not that unusual, actually, but not a normal, run-of-the-mill one, either. I found out or realised a couple of days before that the Jeju trip I had thought was for the last weekend in November was actually on the 22nd and 23rd. Which means that I can start my Korean classes again on the first day of the semester and I don’t have to miss a session of the fortnightly Savage Land game. Which is nice.

On Thursday I went back to Eulji hospital for another round of treatment on my warts. The small pretty doctor who had been administering the treatment took a blade to my feet again and then I saw the dermatologist. When he found out that my warts hadn’t blistered much he recommended another course of action – injections of something or other to kill the warts. I asked him if it would be painful, and he chuckled and said it was about the same as the liquid nitrogen.


The small pretty doctor saw me again and injected each of my warts with the contents of a pair of small syringes. Whereas the liquid nitrogen treatment slowly builds to a crescendo of pain on application, these injection were simply instant, sharp pain. It wasn’t fun. My foot didn’t think so either, as it kept autonomously trying to jerk away. Once the injections were done a nurse put some gel on my toe with a swab and wrapped it in gauze and tape. After that it didn’t hurt too much.

And so I went to meet Paul in Gangnam. I’d asked him to lend me his books from our Korean classes so I could swot up beforehand and get put into the level two class. Unfortunately, I hadn’t remembered that Paul had been in the level two class after I’d left – so he gave me those books when I’d really been after the level one books.

It was good to see Paul again. Hanging out with him and Rachell was one of my favourite parts of staying in Korea last year. Hopefully I’ll inspire him to return to the Korean classes himself.

I returned to Nowon-gu on the express bus (which I had to wait twenty minutes for – longer than usual) with my foot causing me no particular problems.

After our classes Botond and I agreed to go and see either Max Payne or Blindness, whichever was more convenient. It turned out neither were convenient, so instead we went to Boti’s place and watched some of the comedies I’d downloaded recently: the first episodes of Extras and Spaced, a B series edition of QI, and – best of all, because I haven’t seen them for years and Bo seemed to really enjoy them – the first three episode of the great Fawlty Towers (‘Don’t drive over any mines, dear.’ … ‘I fought in the Korean War, you know. I killed four men.’ ‘He was in the catering corps – he used to poison them.’)

At Bo’s place, as usual, I took my shoes off inside; we also had a look at my toe – there was nothing much to see – and I threw away the gauze and tape. Unfortunately, this allowed my feet to swell up and get quite painful. And the following day – now – they still are. They also have black blotches where I was injected – as the small pretty doctor predicted. First up on the itinerary for Jeju is a two-hour hike. Which is nice.

My foot on Friday night, before the Jeju trip:

Friday Night Toe

My foot on Saturday night, after Jeju:

Saturday Night Toe

  1. Tracy
    25 November 2008 at 5:34 pm

    You didn’t put a warning sign up for those pics Sean…!!!!

    Looks painful!


  2. 28 November 2008 at 4:48 pm

    Sorry, Tracy. But you should know what to expect by now. 😛

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