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Toe the line, foot the bill and other random podiatric puns

I bought some gauze and sports tape for my foor recently, because it’s a little embarrassing having my masters attend to my foot before every class (I don’t mind it so much, actually – especially when it’s Lee Sabeomnim (the female one)). I forgot to check my blisters before last night’s class and when I’d arrived at the dojang and changed into my dobok I thought I spied a drop of liquid blood amid the dried blood of a cracked-open blister.

In fact, I needn’t have worried. I went back to the hospital today to have my foot seen to. The small pretty doctor took a blade to the blisters and scraped away all the dry blood and dead skin. Underneath, the skin was pretty much whole and almost wart-free, and I’m sure I wasn’t bleeding last night.

I went in to see the dermatologist who said I would need one or two more rounds of treatment. I probably ought to have stayed around to have the first today, but the memory of pain of last time is still sizzling in my mind. So I got a semi-appointment for next week (ie, any time on Thursday).

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