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Another pain in the neck/foot

Actually, I have had a sore neck this past week, for reasons unknown, but the main subject of this post is my recent return to the hospital for treatment on my foot.

We started a new schedule at work on Friday, first working day of the new year. Classes start at nine of the ante meridian clock. Coincidentally, Friday is my least busy day with only four classes (I have five on Thursday and six each on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), so at lunchtime, after having a grey, porridgey soup I went to Eulji Medical Center again to get a fresh prescription for the fungal infection in my toenails.

I had an appointment to go in the morning, but I let that slide. I’d also had semi-appointment a couple of weeks earlier to have more injections in my foot, but, frankly, I was too scared to go back. I did mention how painful the shots were, didn’t I?

After waiting for a bit, a young doctor (a trainee doctor, I think) came and told me in very broken English I should more injections today. When I asked him about my prescription he didn’t know what I was talking about. A while later I saw an ajumma doctor. (For those who don’t know, ajumma (아줌마 (pronounced ‘ahjoomah’)) is Korean for ‘auntie’ or ‘older woman’ (ie, middle-aged or elderly). Ajummas are typically very short women with permed hair who project an air of indestructibility.) The English she spoke was very good, but by no means comprehensive. I asked her if it was possible to have a local anaesthetic for my next inections, but I gathered from her response that it would dilute the effect of the ‘wart poison’ (she didn’t use that expression).

I got a prescription for more pills and an appointment to come back straight after work.

Which I did. As I waited to be seen I watched Korean-dubbed Thomas and Friends and Little Princess on the TV in the waiting room. I almost went to sleep on the bed I was shown to (early schedule, remember). After a longish wait while I tried to rest, the small, pretty doctor came to inflict pain again (whilst narrating the process to the trainee doctor). It wasn’t quite so bad this time, but by the end my foot was beaded with sweat and had a smear of blood running down it. The nurse put some anaesthetic gel on the incipient blisters and fastened it up with gauze and tape.

I went back to Eunhaeng Sageori and to my dojang to explain to my masters that I might not be able to train that evening. My foot was a little sore, so I wasn’t sure whether I’d be up for it. I said I’d come for class anyway.

Which I did – after a nap at home. I bound my big toe in sports tape and found that the anaesthetic gel had got to work – there was very little discomfort. So I trained as normal and went home as normal and did all the normal things I normally do of an evening.

In the early hour of the morning my hallux started throbbing a little, and today it’s been fairly painful, though it hasn’t swelled up like it did last time. I think that previous treatment did a halfway decent job of removing the warts – especially the big mosaic wart on the pad of the toe. I also think that waiting a month has given the skin time to thicken again – and both these factors mean that this episode hasn’t been as traumatic as the last one.

I have a lunchtime appointment for another consultation in two weeks time.

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