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Death on gas mark 4

It’s been a fairly miserable couple of weeks. As my nausea abated the weekend before last, my cough got worse – so bad in fact that my chest was quite sore. I went to a doctor the following Monday (at the clinic I’d been going to for my bowels) and he gave me a three-day course of pills. And that helped a lot, although for much of that week I was low on energy and appetite.

On Friday lunchtime that week I went back to Eulji Medical Center with my warts. The ajumma doctor decided to prescribe me another round of cryotherapy – which I was happy about: no more incredibly painful injections. I left the hospital before making a formal appointment and returned to work only just in time for my first class of the afternoon.

I went back after work for the actual treatment. And subsequently found that it was possibly the worst I’d had yet. With the top layers of skin having been removed at lunchtime, my toe had that much less protection from the liquid nitrogen. I developed large black blisters on the pad of my big toe.

This week I went to taekwondo for my Monday and Wednesday classes – but did no training because of my foot. On Monday it was just me and Master Lee (I keep wondering if I should refer to her as ‘Mistress’ instead). We talked for a while in the office, there being no students besides me. We used a Korean on-line dictionary to translate for us. On Wednesday, almost all the masters were present and they all looked at my burnt toe. The senior master, the wonjangnim had me talk to a doctor friend of his who asked me to think about coming to her hospital. I remain hopeful that next time at Eulji might be my final visit there for my warts.

I’ve missed taekwondo training, and with all my various afflictions haven’t kept up any sort of training or practice at home. My last real training session – the Wednesday of the night I got sick – was really enjoyable. I got to do some very hands on training with my ‘mistress’ – punches, blocks and kind of semi-throws. I even accidentally punched her in the face. Well, I clipped her on the nose – no harm done.

My foot is getting better by the day, but my cough is still quite annoying – although I can at least breath reasonably deeply without causing a burst of coughing. There’s no taekwondo today or on Monday – nor work until Wednesday – so I have a long weekend off, but I’m looking forward to beginning training again. That’ll be on Wednesday, while on Friday I have to return to the hospital and I can only hope they don’t cripple me again.

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