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Getting the strap

I left home today to go to Itaewon and Yongsan – the former to possibly buy a new coat, the latter to possibly see a film. I ended up doing neither. As I was walking along the street – to the next busstop on from the one I usually use – I heard a crack at my shoulder. It sounded a bit like I’d been shat on by a bird, but it also sounded like maybe the buckle on the tie for my hood had been caught under the strap of my laptop case and had suddenly popped out.

I got on the bus, and my laptop case fell to the floor, the strap having become disconnected. The bit of metal that connected the strap to the bag had snapped – in two places, hence the crack that I’d heard a minute earlier.

I got off the bus with my bag under my arm and looked around for somewhere to obtain something to make repairs. The busstop for Sanggye Station is right in front of a small shopping centre called Daeho Plaza Shopping Town. I went in there instead of round the side as I usually do. I looked for a place that might sell cord or shoe laces. It was very quiet with most of the stands closed. Up on the second floor (by which I mean first floor) I noticed some used white plastic cord on an otherwise empty set of shelves – so I helped myself to it. In the toilets of the subway station I tied the now loose end of the strap to the strappy bit on the body of the case that the metal bit used to fasten to. If you see what I mean. It worked.

Then I went to Yongsan to buy a new case. Of course, my first port of call once at Yongsan was Starbucks, where, for the second time in a row and the second time ever, I managed to get a table – this time by putting my coat and laptop at an empty table and then ordering my caffe latte grande. I kept glancing in my table’s direction as I was waiting, even though it was hidden behind a corner. To be fair, this isn’t really necessary in Korea, but I’m not in the habit of ‘losing’ things when I’m out and about. With my drink at my hand, I went to work on a review of Dreamer of Dune. My computer seemed to have suffered no ill effects from its bump.

Then I bought a new laptop bag. The price tags at the stand all bore a Union Jack – the bags being made by ‘Michiko London’, whatever that is. It’s pretty stylish, but the old one that came with my Fujitsu machine (when I bought it at Yongsan at the end of my contract in 2007 – don’t you remember?) was a little more practical in some minor details. For instance the old one had a flap which covered the zip and most of the side, which protected it from rain (I believe), and all the pockets were on the outer side of the bag, ie, away from the body. Neither is true with the new one. It cost me ₩58,000.

I went to a toilet and transfered all my stuff from the old case to the new case, and put the old one in the carrier bag that came with the new one. Then I left Yongsan with the intention of going to Itaewon. Just after I crossed the road in front of I’Park –

the strap broke!

I’m sure there’s a name for it, but the strap has at each end some metal parts involving a loop and a lumpy bit. The lumpy bit should be inside the loop, allowing the end of the strap to swivel. Well, one of these bits came loose. I went back to the stand and showed the man, who then replaced the strap.

Then I went to Itaewon – where I didn’t buy a new coat, but instead went to Starbucks and did some more work on my short story. Unfortunately, the final scene that I’d thought might be easy turned out to be more problematic. As I’m at the end of the story, you could say that I’ve written up to X, I have a good idea of what Z is, but I’m not at all sure about Y.

I’ll hopefully do some more work on it tomorrow, having allowed the back end of my brain a night to cogitate on the matter. I also want to finally buy that new coat, too, and with the return of late starts at work I should have plenty of time (depending on what time I go to sleep and get up, of course).

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