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Forget it, Jake, it’s Korea

We had a new master start at the taekwondojang this week, Yoon Sabeomnim. Kim Sabeomnim, the guy he replaces, has left to start a brief new job; brief because he’s going to Australia for a year and a half in April (when we talked about it last Friday at first he said he was going to Austria). Master Yoon isn’t as friendly as his predecessor, nor does he have much English. As a consequence he hasn’t helped me much with my technique. On the other hand, this week there has suddenly been an influx of students – many of the students I saw last year have returned to my class, so Master Yoon’s attention is necessarily divided. In other news, I get tested for my blue belt next Friday.

There’s a change of staffing coming up at work as well. Botond was told a few weeks ago that his contract wouldn’t be renewed. Apparently, his replacement started work today; I don’t work Saturdays (muah-ha-ha-hah) so I haven’t met him/her/it. I’m sorry to see Bo go, but at least he’s found a new job without too much trouble. He’s teaching kindergarteners from mid-March. Rather him than me.

We’ve had some typical Korean retardedness with our work schedule recently. After four weeks teaching a morning/early afternoon timetable in January we went back to a late afternoon/evening routine for two weeks, and last week we returned to the early schedule for another fortnight. Although we, or at least I, taught mostly the same classes for the middle fortnight, there were some changes. As a result, I taught a few classes for only two weeks out of the latter two months of this semester.

My contract states that I have ten days paid leave a year, half in summer, half in winter. But I found out yesterday that there is no winter vacation planned at work. Fucking typical. I need to speak to the director’s brother next week. (He works as a teacher; she, on the other hand, doesn’t work much at all, especially now that she has a new baby.) While I’m at it I should try to get a definite yes or no on the renewal of my contract, which is up in June.

I’ve been downloading a lot of comedy recently – a load of great stuff from the last fifteen years: The Fast Show, The Day Today, Father Ted, Brass Eye, Jam, Man Stroke Woman, Monkey Dust, Ideal. I’m looking forward to sharing them with Bo and Travis. I really ought to buy some of these when I next spend some time back in Britain.

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