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In sickness and … well, just in sickness, really

Things are going well with Habiba, thanks for asking. Our relationship happened so fast that there’s been a kind of relationship lag at work. I feel like our knowledge of each other, our ease with each other is just beginning to catch up with our outward, physical intimacy. And I hope we’ll continue to grow closer.

Unfortunately, all this wonderfulness has gone hand in hand with illness over the past couple of weeks. I had a hangover the Sunday I went to meet Ji-hyeon at Konkuk University subway station. Habiba started feeling unwell the same day, and was diagnosed with enteritis, which she doubted. I had diarrhoea that week.

And at the end of the week, as my bowels were starting to solidify (although not entirely – more on this later), I got a cold. This made itself known in the form of a bad sore throat. The sore throat has mostly gone now, except when it dries out over night, and I have, as I kept telling Habiba last night, a head full of snot (or ‘boogers’ as she would have it (pronounced ‘buggers’)). I’m also rather coughy and somewhat headachey.

On Sunday night my started to feel irritated like I had a bit of grit in there. The next day I woke up with my eye plastered shut with eye-gunk, which I am assured by Wikipedia is referred to as ‘gound’. My eye was noticeably bloodshot. I gradually realised that I had conjunctivis – aka pinkeye. This hasn’t been too bad an affliction, my eye is very slightly stingy and very slighty weepy. The main effect has been people’s reactions. Some of my students yesterday told me I had an evil eye.

Last night at Habiba’s I was introduced to the neti pot. This is a pipe- or Aladdin’s lamp-looking object that you fill with warm water, into which is dissolved some special salt. You then hold the narrow end to your nostril and lean the other way. The water courses up and down your sinuses to dribble out of your free nostril, loosening up snot as it goes. It works reasonably well. I could breathe well after using it, but it’s a shame the snot all grows back in fairly short order.

Today at work, my colleague Sandy, the 29-year-old American (not to be confused with Habiba, the 29-year-old American-Candian) gave me a couple of bottles of health drink made of quince that is supposedly good for the throat. It’s called Mok Seonsaeng – which could be translated as Throat Doctor or Throat Teacher.

Later on I went to talk to I Sabeomnim. She bought me some cold rememdies – some vitamin C tablets and another health drink. These drinks are very popular in Korea; they come in small glass bottle. This particular one is apparently a traditional Chinese thing; it tastes kind of tobacco-y.

The reason I wanted to talk to Master Lee is that the dojang’s wonjangnim works at Sanggye Paik Hospital and a while ago he tried to persuade me to stop going to Eulji Medical Center and go to his place instead. I haven’t had any treatment for my warts for some time and I thinking that I should have another bash at it – and at another hospital. Not that I think there was anything wrong with Eulji, but it can’t hurt to try something else. Unfortunately, effective wart treatment seems to be very painful, so I should say it can’t hurt any worse.

Finally, I might be experiencing a mild flare up of my colitis. February has always been the time when flare-ups occurred, so I’m kind of overdue – although I had no problems last year. Anyway, I’m going to the toilet more often than is good for one and passing a little mucus and a tiny bit of blood. (Don’t make a face, it’s just a fact.) My doctor today doubled my prescription of mesalazine. For the next month I’m to take four pills after meals. We’ll see how that goes.

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