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The castle crumbles

I’ve been a little worried about E-Castle’s viability since last year. We went from five foreign teachers to three and from, I think, ten Koreans to seven. Students have been leaving to attend more well-known hagwons – a new branch of Avalon has been mentioned. By Yun-hye, in fact, who also suggested that student number at our place had gone down from 1,000 to 400 (although that sounds like an exaggeration).

It also seems, from what I’ve heard, that our director, Sharon (I have no idea of her Korean name), is no longer interested in running a hagwon since the birth of her child a few months ago (which I suppose is fair enough).

This week we learnt what our immediate future holds. English Castle Academy is to ‘merge’ with another hagwon called Midas Academy to become Genius Academy. When I say ‘merge’ I suspect that the truth is that all our students and staff are just being moved to Midas, which is then changing its name. From some point in June we’ll be working in a different building – one that’s directly opposite our apartment building. Midas is apparently a general education hagwon and has no native English-speaking teachers.

I still don’t know if I’m going to be re-signed come June. The way things are going I probably won’t know until June. Wonderful.

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