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Jason handed out an edict to us foreign teachers on Thursday, supposedly from ‘main branch’. We’re not allowed to leave work before the end of classes at 10:10; some sort of penalty will apply to anyone who leaves before this.It means I can’t go to my taekwondo classes, which begin at 9:10.

My options, include defying this rule and just continuing to leave early on Mondays and Wednesdays; I could try to negotiate an exemption; I could look for another class that starts later (there are at least one or two other dojangs in the vicinity); or I could just stop doing taekwondo.

I can see there’s some logic in not having employees leave before a certain time, but I can’t really take a hagwon seriously as an employer – and it makes little sense for us to sit around using the internet or reading just because the Koreans expect us to.

In summary: motherfuckers.

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