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Taekwondo news

A week or so ago I told my taekwondo master about the situation at work, not being allowed to leave until 10:10. She was quite concerned – one of the other masters, a short man with close-cropped hair, exclaimed, ‘Don’t go!’

Having talked to her boss, the wonjangnim, about it, she’s offered to give me one-to-one tuition between ten and eleven on Mondays and Fridays. Which is fantastic – and very generous; I know she has a tough and tiring schedule. Money-wise, I might be paying less than I currently do, but that hasn’t been decided yet.

My next taekwondo challenge is to get my red belt – and it’s going to be difficult. I’ve already been shown the two forms that I need to memorise and they’re tricky – they have new moves that I struggle with. Hopefully, I’ll make more headway once I have my master all to myself. That said, I’m currently allowed to leave work early because the foreign teachers have a reduced schedule due to student having exams. And in a month’s time we start our summer intensive classes – which means we work something like normal office hours.

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