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Metal for Christmas

So Rage Against the Machine won the Christmas number one contest. Good for them. Good for Jon and Tracy Morter, who concevied the campaign. Good for music. I should look into getting hold of some of Zack de la Rocha and Tom Morello’s respective new projects’ work. I had a listen to some One Day as a Lion and Street Sweeper Social Club stuff on Myspace, and I liked what I heard.

I’m in a strange lull at work. I finished the first draft of my third workbook, for Jake Drake, Teacher’s Pet last week, and am waiting to get it back for my turn at proofreading it; after that, I’ll get it back to re-write it. I asked last week if there was somethign else for me to be working on, but was told that the list of future workbooks hadn’t been finalised. I could ask again, but I don’t want to. It’s nice to have a bit of downtime at work.

My criminal background check came through a while ago, so, after farting around for a while trying to find the best way to do it, I sent my sister some money to cover costs and she’s taken it to Colin Rowe, the notary I went to last year. It should be notarised and apostilled this week and on its way over to Korea. I should be sent to Japan next month to get my visa.

I’ve been doing a pile of shopping lately – gifts for family and a few people in Korea. I’m quite happy with what I’ve got. And it was really nice to do much of it with Habiba. In fact, the only stuff I didn’t buy with Habiba was the stuff for Habiba. Which makes sense. I wonder what she’s got me.

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