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Thai monkey food (aka, Habiba)

As I write this I’m pretty exhausted, having spent most of the day on a longtail boat (a small boat powered by an outboard motor with the propeller at the end of a very long drive shaft, hence the name). Habiba and I and a few other holidaymakers (four other couples) were taken around the Thai island of Ko Phi Phi Don and its small neighbours, Phi Phi Leh and Bamboo Island.

We were provided with flippers, goggles and snorkels and taken to a few choice place to swim and snorkel, or other places where we could just hang out on the beach. I think it was on Bamboo Island where we saw some monkeys – macaques, I think. They live on the tiny, rugged, jungle-cloaked rock. The monkeys have clearly got very used to tourists coming along and feeding them. A couple of young simians wanted a bottle of water I had, one of them jumping on me to get it. They also accosted Habiba, and she gave a little scream – which caused an adult to bite her.

She now has a ring of monkey toothmarks on her arms. Mostly, the bite didn’t pierce the skin, but there is one superficial and tiny graze. I’m a bit worried about it, Habiba less so.

It was a long, tiring trip. It also included the setting of The Beach; the last stop was in between islands to watch the sun go down. By this point, most people weren’t that interested. I took a fair few snaps, though. (Don’t have the technology with me to upload any at the moment.)

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, and we’re planning on taking it easy during the day. As great as the holiday has been so far, a day doing more or less nothing will be more than welcome to both of us.

The following morning, we have to get a 9 am ferry to Phuket, where we’ll fly back to Bangkok at 4.30 pm. Then we have one more night in Thailand before leaving.

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  1. Rachell
    4 January 2010 at 3:47 am

    I’m so scared of monkeys!!! Ever since I went to Thailand, I’ve had monkey nightmares. They are horrible, I can’t go near them. I hope Habiba is okay.

  2. 6 January 2010 at 7:50 pm

    Yes, she’s OK, but not happy. She got checked out by a doctor when she got back to Korea – now she has to shell out 1.5 million won for a course of rabies shots. Not a good situation, but at least she’s got her employer to pay for her and then deduct the money from her salary over a period of a few months. And her insurance will reimburse 40% of the cost.

    How’s life in Canada?

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