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A moving experience

No sooner had I got home from my adventures in Thailand than it was time to move home. Two of Habiba’s colleagues came to Korea as a couple, but are no longer together. So, once the guy moved into a new place, they made arrangements (completely informally) for us to move into the slightly larger apartment just across the hall. We did this on the first Monday of the year.

Out of necessity – being stuck in Thailand and everything – I’d already taken the day off work. I had a little time to relax once I got home, but then Habiba and I, the woman in the other flat and another of Habiba’s colleagues started porting stuff back and forth. There was a lot of it. It wasn’t too difficult really, but once we’d taken everything across, of course, it was lying all over the place.

Then Habiba’s friend, Charlie arrived from China. After clearing enough things away for us to be able to sleep it was about two in the morning.

The next day I went to work as usual, but I felt completely wretched – I couldn’t keep my eyes open and could barely do any work. I went home at lunchtime. Instead of getting a few hours sleep I spent the rest of the day cleaning, moving furniture and putting things away. It was another late night.

By the end of the week, I was beginning to recover from the exhaustion and our new flat was starting to seem like home.

Actually, for a while I wasn’t convinced that the new place was much bigger than the old – that was probably more to do with the mess; now I can see there’s a lot more space. Because the two apartments are almost exactly the same in layout, once we’d moved a certain amount of stuff across there were some strange deja vu-ish moments during the move. We’d walk out of the old place, down the corridor a few yards and into the new place – but it seemed like we’d just walked back into the old place.

We’ve thoroughly settled in now, of course, and our new room is much more comfortable to live in. Still small, still only one room (barring the titchy bathroom), but now we have two beds, the combined effect of which is like having a king-size bed …

That reminds me of a line I once came up with:

Man-size tissues aren’t man-sized: it’s a tissue of lies.

… we also have two desks and two shelving units. There are more cupboards in the kitchen area, too – and there’s still a moderate amount of free floor space.

So we’re happy. (It still can be annoyingly cramped, but it’s much better than the old place.)

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