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Busy bees

In the past couple of weeks Habiba and I have been keeping ourselves busy at weekends.

We went to see an exhibition of Inca remains and artefacts at the National Museum. The Inca certainly liked their gold. There were some mummified remains – a couple of adults, a child and a dog. Also lots of phalluses. The highlight for me was, while looking at some the Nasca period displays, being able to say to Habiba, That must have been when they did all the car racing. A moment later, part of her died inside.

We also went skiing with my friend Ji-hyeon. As we floundered around getting like a pair of stupid foreigners getting passes, skis, outfits and changing, I think Ji-hyeon was getting annoyed that she couldn’t get out on the slopes. The situation didn’t improve when we found that Habiba’s ski boots were causing her some pain. Ji-hyeon went off and did her own thing and eventually, we got Habiba’s footwear sorted – she left the lower leg part open – and we started to have some fun. Waiting 45 minutes to get on the ski lifts was decidedly not fun, however. Still, it was a nice day out (to a place with the decidedly silly name Vivaldi Park (incorporating Ski World and Ocean World)).

Last weekend we went to Seoul Museum of Art and had a wander round the Andy Warhol exhibition. It was OK – a bunch of Andy Warhol stuff everyone’s seen on TV or in other media, plus a few other and some badly translated information signs – and lots and lots of people.

Habiba has been producing some delicious foodstuffs – humus and dips – with a view to selling them at some point in the future. I’ve been working on my roleplaying game system in fits and starts. At work, we’ve been trying to get my visa status sorted out and it finally looks like tomorrow it will be. Habiba’s been suffering from eczema a little, but she’s been dealing with it admirably – and now it looks like it’s on the wane. I’ve got my guitar up and running again, this time with a somewhat kludged strap (the guitar’s balance is appalling).

Yesterday I spent some time working on an idea for a novel I had recently. It’s a little cheesy, but could be a strong concept. Needs much more work.

And life continues. Busy, busy, busy. Damn life.

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