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Back home

Habiba and I are back at home now, and not terribly happy about it. Habiba, of course, wants to be with her father; I would rather not have to get up at around 7:30 every day to go to a job that is not at all strenuous, but still manages to be very tiring. Some time ago I promised myself I would never do a nine-to-five office job again. Somehow I forgot about that last year. At least I can’t complain about the remuneration.

Habiba’s dad is still hanging in there, but, while he isn’t getting much worse, there have been a series of problems that seem to be holding his recovery back. His kidneys weren’t so good for a while, then he had a fever; the latest news is that he has some bad bed sores. None of these seem to have been major problems, but they’re frustrating.

Habiba calls her mother every morning and night (Korean time; New York is 13 hours behind, so the times of day are reversed for her parents) to check in. If it weren’t for internet telephony I’m sure there’s a good chance Habiba wouldn’t have returned to Korea.

I’ve been feeling emotionally crappy since we got back. The other night I tried to tell Habiba what I was feeling. I talked about how stressful the visit to America was for me, how fed up I am at work and that I kind of wanted to kick it all in and go travelling, escape from responsibility for a while. Habiba was devastated.

She thought I wanted to abandon her and go my own way. I thought I was more just venting, thinking aloud. We sorted it out, and I’m feeling a lot happier today. Making up was nice – and there wasn’t even any sex involved.

On Monday I went to see The A-Team with Zach. It was surprisingly good. Even though it was a very beefed up, contemporary action movie and it was more of an A-Team Begins type of story, it was pretty true to the TV series. That said, it brought it up-to-date in various ways – especially in terms of action and special effects. There was lots of humour, and it didn’t take itself too seriously. Liam Neeson was great as Hannibal, although he looked weird with grey hair; and I’ve never really noticed what an unusual profile he has.

One favourite moment involved the bad guy, a CIA agent, in a car, watching a live feed from a bomber that was bombing the A-Team’s supposed location. After the explosion had blossomed on the screen he said, ‘It’s just like Call of Duty‘.

Today, I finished the first draft of the story I’ve been working on the past couple of months. Even while writing it I made notes of changes that need to be made to it. Still lots of work needed before it’s good enough for anyone else to read. I’m very tempted to write a completely different story before I get to work on that task, though – it’s been a slow, gradual slog and I think I need a bit of distance from it.

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