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bel·ve·dere /ˈbɛlvɪˌdɪər, ˌbɛlvɪˈdɪər; for 3 also It. ˌbɛlvɛˈdɛrɛ/

1. a building, or architectural feature of a building, designed and situated to look out upon a pleasing scene.
2. a cigar, shorter and with thinner ends than a corona.
3. ( initial capital letter ) a palace in Vatican City, Rome, used as an art gallery.

1590–1600; < It: fine view < L bellus fine + vidēre to see

Source: Dictionary.com.

He mounted to the control belvedere where he cast a spell of bouyancy upon the palace; it rose to drift on the morning breeze like pinnacled cloud.

Source: Tales of the Dying Earth by Jack Vance.

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