bib·u·lous /ˈbɪbyələs/

1. fond of or addicted to drink.
2. absorbent; spongy.

1665–75; < L bibulus ( bib ( ere ) to drink (c. Skt píbati (he) drinks) + –ulus -ulous)

—Related forms
bib·u·lous·ly, adverb
bib·u·lous·ness, bib·u·los·i·ty  /ˌbɪbyəˈlɒsɪti/, noun
non·bib·u·lous, adjective
non·bib·u·lous·ly, adverb
non·bib·u·lous·ness, noun
un·bib·u·lous, adjective
un·bib·u·lous·ly, adverb
un·bib·u·lous·ness, noun


Lorgan enjoyed both large talk and generous quantities of drink. Cugel was in no mood for either and pleading fatigue early to his chamber. Lorgan remained in bibulous conversation with several merchants of the town.

Source: Tales of the Dying Earth by Jack Vance.

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