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ap·o·dic·tic /ˌæpəˈdɪktɪk/

1. incontestable because of having been demonstrated or proved to be demonstrable.
2. Logic. (of a proposition) necessarily true or logically certain.

Also, ap·o·deic·tic  /ˌæpəˈdaɪktɪk/ Show Spelled, ap·o·dic·ti·cal.

1645–55; < L apodīcticus < Gk apodeiktikós proving fully. See apo-, deictic

—Related forms
ap·o·dic·ti·cal·ly, ap·o·deic·ti·cal·ly, adverb

Source: Dictionary.com.

The fact is, I am dogmatic. I do have unwavering faith in a set of claims. I may affect suspicion of them, but FAPP, I use them as apodictic truths.

Source: Three Pound Brain.

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