I grew up in an industrial town called Runcorn in northwest England (it’s close to Liverpool). As a young man I was involved with a number of writers groups in Runcorn and I finally left the town in 2002 to do Creative Studies in English (‘Creative Writing’ to you and me) at what was then Bath Spa University College (it’s since lost the ‘College’). After university (I graduated with a first), I worked in London for a brief time, but in 2006 I moved to South Korea to teach English. At the time of writing, I’m still there (having taking some time out between contracts to return home and travel in Canada and India). I am about to leave my job to seriously devote myself to writing for the next year; in this time I will work on a major project – a kind of post-apocalyptic high fantasy story. In the future I may make my home in Canada with my Canadian American girlfriend.

The appeal of fantasy, to me, is that it deals with some of the biggest issues imaginable – good and evil, the use of power, society, psychology, life and death – and on a huge scale. Of course, the sheer escapism of visiting worlds populated with magical beings and creatures, objects of power and impossible landscapes is an undeniable point of attraction, too. The kind of work I want to write is high fantasy that is multiple character-driven and of a high literary standard. Ideally, it should be set in worlds that are authentic and original; the lure of the quasi-European medieval setting is a strong one, but one that should be resisted, or at least regarded critically. The characters I want to write should have depth; they should be flawed people who are redeemed by the events they experience and the tasks they undertake. I feel that stories should not have undilutedly happy endings where all the protagonists get what they desire, all the antagonists die and all the world’s ills are cured.

My immediate goals are to set to work on my novel and to finish and submit the short stories I’ve been working on. Also, I want to use this blog along with other website to network with others and to help me promote and publish my work.

Please leave me a message if you enjoy reading or writing strong fantasy stories or have a comment on anything you’ve read here. Thank you for reading.

Sean May
September 2010

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