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Inggeulliswi beurekpeoseuteu ti

(That’s ‘English breakfast tea’ transliterated into Korean Hangul (‘잉글리쉬 브렉퍼스트 티’) then transliterated back into Roman characters – which demonstrates how clunkily Hangul represents languages other than Korean.)

I just bought myself a cup of tea at a Starbucks in Myeongdong. The barrista made me smile (not something I do often when I’m out and about these days). After asking, ‘Hot?’ she gestured at my travel cup and asked, ‘In?’ then she gestured at the price display on the till and said, ‘Dis.’ (‘This.’)

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Apparently the Sino-Korean numbers 10, 18 and 28 – ship, shipbal and ishipbal – are very rude in Korean. I don’t know the exact meanings but they’re along the lines of ‘fuck’.

In my Korean class today one of the students was asked what shoes are. He knew the answer – shinbal – but couldn’t remember it and ended up saying ‘shipbal’. It was an amusing moment, and the teacher gave him the finger in response.

A little while ago I went to see Night at the Museum at Lotte Mart. I could see from the poster that its Korean title wasn’t just a Koreanisation of its English title – naiteu at deo myujieom, or something – and there weren’t any leaflets for it either, so I tried to ask by starting time. 18:10.

Because Koreans are a year old when they’re born and they add another year each New Year, I’m now 32 – even though I’m still only 30 in real years. My friend Sue is now 28.


5 December 2006 Leave a comment

I was just reminded that a couple of weeks ago, when we kindergarten teacher went to Vikings for a meal, one of my Korean colleagues said something inadvertantly amusing. She made some reference to seafood – Vikings being a seafood restaurant – but Koreans pronounce ‘si’ as ‘shi’, so she said ‘she-food’. As I pointed out to my fellow western colleague, that could mean something completely different … although, on reflection, maybe not.

The thing that reminded me was I was talking to my supervisor (also Korean) and she, out of the blue, asked me did I like sex-beer. After asking her to repeat herself a couple of times, we established that she meant did I like Shakespeare.