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Let me give you a clue

Listened to Monday’s edition of I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue yesterday, along with one from 1984. I was surprised at how much funnier it is these days. There were several laughs to be had in the older programme, but it was very low key, had a much smaller audience and seemed much more like what it purports to be – four old comedians making funny remarks. Today’s ISIHAC is much more professional – you can tell a lot, if not, all of it is scripted – the result being half an hour of brilliantly funny radio. The audience is much bigger these days, too. The applause at the beginning and the roar of approval and recognition that goes up when a favourite round is introduced or a running gag set up is one of my favourite aspects of the show.

Anyway, here for your delectation is a transcript of one round from this week’s edition (notable for a reference to one of my other favourite things in the world ever – Newsnight Review):

Jack Dee: OK, we kick off today with a round called Uxbridge English Dictionary. As English developed from various older languages, it has many different terms which appear to be interchangeable, but this isn’t always true. For example, there are people who don’t know the difference between the words oilskin and tarpaulin. Well, oilskin refers to a type of strong, flexible, water-resistant material, often canvas, protected by a skin of oil, usually linseed oil. Whereas tarpaulin is that miserable Irish bloke on Newsnight Review.

However, meanings are constantly changing, teams, so let’s hear any new definitions you may have spotted recently. Tim, you can start.

Tim Brooke-Taylor: Flabbergasted: appalled at how much weight you’ve put on.

Jack: Graeme.

Graeme Garden: Ambulate: a hearse.

Jack: Barry.

Barry Cryer: Monkey: bit like a monk.

Jack: And Sandi.

Sandi Toksvig: Camper van: van with more sequins than the last one.

Tim: Wince: a setting on Jonathan Ross’s washing machine.

Barry: Monogamy: celebrating New Year in Scotland by yourself.

Graeme: [in pirate voice] Radar: an attack by pirates.

Sandi: Algorithm: former Vice President on drums.

Graeme: [in pirate voice] Doodah: a cool pirate.

Sandi: Dependent: Italian indication of a hole made with a biro.

Graeme: [in pirate voice] Bazaar: Barry the pirate.


Perviously on Captain Maybe

16 January 2007 2 comments

It was only when I logged out of WordPress a moment ago that I noticed I’d misspelt ‘Previously’ in the title of my last but one post. Instead, I’d typed, ‘Perviously’. Must have been some sort of Freudian slip. Which reminds me of a rather excellent joke …


5 December 2006 Leave a comment

I was just reminded that a couple of weeks ago, when we kindergarten teacher went to Vikings for a meal, one of my Korean colleagues said something inadvertantly amusing. She made some reference to seafood – Vikings being a seafood restaurant – but Koreans pronounce ‘si’ as ‘shi’, so she said ‘she-food’. As I pointed out to my fellow western colleague, that could mean something completely different … although, on reflection, maybe not.

The thing that reminded me was I was talking to my supervisor (also Korean) and she, out of the blue, asked me did I like sex-beer. After asking her to repeat herself a couple of times, we established that she meant did I like Shakespeare.

Anagram 1

Caught a bit of Gardener’s World at the Hampton Court Flower Show earlier tonight. One of the gardens featured had an interesting name:

The Danger of Need

which is an apposite anagram of that garden from Christian mythology:

The Garden of Eden.